The virtual exhibition - it's time for a new approach!

We will be presenting the 5th International Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites this year in a digital format. You will be surprised at what is possible in the new digital system we are building for you!

The exhibitors will digitally present new lightweight concepts, materials trends and innovative manufacturing technologies in the field of thermoplastic composites. The range of topics also includes measurement techniques, processes, welding techniques, quality control concepts, layout and simulation tools etc.

End of July, we will present and inform the industry about the different opportunities and the massive digital approach and marketing measures.

NEW: The special conference session and exhibition on 3D Printing of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites. There will be a special package for exhibitors from this emerging technology!

Exhibition Topics

Raw materials, processes, components, system approaches and applications of thermoplastic composites and related topics dedicated to:
New results and services in the fields of

  •     Raw Materials
  •     Textiles & Fibre Technologies
  •     Semi-Finished Products
  •     Production Technologies & Machinery
        (in particular: Additive Manufacturing)
  •     Simulation & Modelling Tools
  •     Composite Structures
  •     Joining Technologies (in particular: Welding)
  •     Process Monitoring & Quality Control
  •     Materials Testing


Related to areas such as

  •     Aerospace & Civil Aviation
  •     Automotive Vehicles
  •     Medical Engineering
  •     Oil & Gas
  •     Wind Energy
  •     Transport & Engineering